Sky Living changed to Sky Witness – the new home of all your favourite U.S. dramas. Sky Witness invites you into an extraordinary and exciting place. A world where you can feel the pressure of the emergency room, hear a confession in the courtroom and find the truth at the crime scene.

Best Identity - Promax UK Gold 2018

Concept: You Are The Witness

The identity uses our 'witness letterbox' to make the viewer feel part of the drama, sometimes a voyeur and sometimes within the action. 

Channel Idents

We created first person idents, inviting the viewer to be part of a police chase, witness a medical emergency, enter the attorney's office and go under the tape with forensics.

Director's Cut

Launch Campaign


CD: Alex Haley, Brand Lead: Mark Jones, Motion Design: Savio Palmerston, Promo Lead: Max Pickwoad, Producer: Paul Coward, Production Manager: Liz Timms, Senior Account Director: Sara Burton

Ident Director: Jim Weedon, DOP: James Mather

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